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Afghan elders to discuss key security deal with the US

AAN Team

AFP, 19 November 2013 “Kate Clark, a senior analyst with the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analyst Network, said too much was at stake for the jirga to reject the BSA. ‘On the BSA depends not just US bases and a possible counter-terrorism force, but also the continuing NATO training mission and money for the Afghan security forces,” […]

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Islamisten warnen Abgeordnete: Loya Jirga in Kabul tagt zu künftigem Truppenstatut

Thomas Ruttig

Neues Deutschland (Berlin), 19 November 2013 In a short op-ed article (in German), AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks forward at the upcoming “BSA Loya Jirga” in Kabul, convened to decide about the future presence of US troops in Afghanistan. He reports about last-minute difficulties on US soldiers’ immunity from Afghan law and about ISAF commander Dunford’s proposal that US […]

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