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A still from the documentary showing a young girl wearing the traditional hat called kola-ye topak-dar in Daikundi province. Photo: Nasim Seyamak

A Kaleidoscopic Heritage: New efforts to promote Afghan traditions of art and culture

S Reza Kazemi

A fifteenth-century miniature painting of the prophet Yusuf brought to new life in an animation, puppets telling the modern love story of Siyamoy and Jalali and women’s traditional hats in Daikundi: all are featuring in a festival held in Kabul at the Qasr-e Chehel Sotun – the Palace of Forty Columns. The festival is one […]

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Historic Afghan [Buddhist] Sites Face Ruin


IWPR, 12 March 2014 "In the Shahi Qala area of Surkhrod district [in Nangrahar province,] eastern Afghanistan, half-a-dozen round towers lie scattered at intervals of a few hundred metres. They are Buddhist stupas" built when the area belonged to the Gandhara kingdom, writes the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. But they are crumbling, "as officials […]

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