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Girls and boys from Nawaabad school singing the national anthem to welcome the protesters to Ghazni city. (2018: the peace marchers)

Looking ahead to Intra-Afghan Negotiations: A scrutiny of different political groups’ plans for peace

Ali Yawar Adili Khadija Hossaini

Since the US-Taleban agreement in late February, focus has shifted to intra-Afghan negotiations, with little clarity so far as to their scope. The US-Taleban deal agreed on 29 February focused on the withdrawal of US (and other foreign) troops, and anti-terrorism guarantees by the Taleban. While waiting for talks to begin, five political groups have […]

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Heart of Asia Society: “Draft Framework for Intra-Afghan Peace Negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Taleban Movement”

AAN Team

Draft Framework for Intra-Afghan Negotiations by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Jadi 1398 [Dec 2019/Jan 2020] Kabul – Afghanistan Table of Content  Introduction ( page 3) Section One: Basis of intra-Afghan negotiations (Page 4) Viewpoints and overall objective  Principles and values Need for national consensus (4) Section Two: Structures necessary for legitimacy and advancement of Intra-Afghan […]

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