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Hanif Atmar

Janus-Faced Pledges: A review of the 2020 Geneva donor conference on Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference in Geneva (which took place virtually) has produced pledges of 12 to 13 billion US dollars for the period 2021-24. The result represents a drop of up to 20 per cent compared to the 15.2 billion pledged four years ago in Brussels for 2017-20 and significantly below UNDP projections for the […]

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Afghanistan-Einsatz: Die Bundeswehr als Komplize der herrschenden Klasse?

AAN Team

Frankfurter Allgemeine, 12 November 2013 Friederike Böge, herself a journalists’ trainer and correspondent in Afghanistan, reviews Philipp Münch’s AAN report about the international intervention’s impact on local power structures in northeastern Afghanistan (both online and print). She summarises Philipp’s rendering of the contradictory approach of the German forces vis-a-vis the power holders in Kunduz and Badakhshan, […]

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Right and Justice Party launched, as ‘reformist opposition’

Thomas Ruttig

This is the most serious addition to Afghanistan’s political party scene since years: After 14 months of preparations and a two-day conference of its 420 founders on Tuesday and Wednesday, Hezb-e Haq wa Edalat (Right and Justice Party) officially ‘declared its existence’, as you do such things in Afghanistan, today, 3 November, in Kabul. With […]

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