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Hamid Karzai

PEACE JIRGA BLOG 5: The Big Karzai Show

Thomas Ruttig

A first commentary on the beginning National Consultative Peace Jirga in Kabul by Thomas Ruttig The Peace Jirga that began today in Kabul, will fail its declared main aim: to establish a real national consensus on talks with the Taleban. In order to be able to, too many relevant political forces are absent – and […]

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PEACE JIRGA BLOG 2: Peace Jirga goes to Washington: whose opinions count on reconciling Taliban?

Kate Clark

‘Peace Jirga goes to Washington,’ was the headline in Payam-e Mujahid newspaper this week. The headline sums up how politics have been on hold in Afghanistan since President Karzai was invited to Washington and also, very succinctly, where the power of decision-making in Afghanistan lies. By Kate Clark, currently engaged as Senior Analyst with AAN. […]

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Reliable partners

Martine van Bijlert

The pendulum has swung again. After a few days of crisis and strained relations the US administration has publicly smoothed over the unease and the anger and has welcomed Karzai back into the ranks of ‘reliable partners’. Letters have been sent, joint appearances made and reassuring statements given. It is difficult to know what is […]

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Separating the government, the Taliban and the people (1): Karzai and the confusion in Kabul

Martine van Bijlert

Over the last few days Karzai has found it increasingly difficult to stop saying in public all the things that he has been saying in private for months: who do these foreigners think they are, what are they playing at, and do they really think they can push me and my people around forever? Observers […]

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6 Oct and 13 Oct 2009: Two podiums with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in Berlin.

AAN admin

In early October, AAN’s Co-director Thomas Ruttig will participate in two public discussions of Afghan issues in Berlin. On Tuesday 6 October, Heinrich Boell Foundation invites for a jour fixe under the title ‘After the elections in Afghanistan and Germany: Quo vadis at the Hindukush?’ A week later, he will discuss issues of the elections […]

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