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2010 Elections (35): How the West was won

Fabrizio Foschini

The controversial final results of the parliamentary elections are out, and it is time to look at the impact of the decisions made by the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC), even though it is still not clear to what extent the Attorney General’s interventions will be able to affect the final tally. AAN analyst Fabrizio Foschini […]

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2010 Elections (34): Glossing over and moving on

Martine van Bijlert

Yesterday, on 24 November, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the final results for all but one of the Parliament’s constituencies. The UN and US were quick to welcome the move, having been desperate to do so for weeks. The message is clear and is by now a familiar one: ‘The process was messy, it […]

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2010 Elections (33): An almost final result

Thomas Ruttig

Finally, more than two months after E-Day, we’ve got them: the final results of yet another of Afghanistan’s fraud-ridden elections. Or have we? After today’s announcement by the Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC), we know 238 out of the 249 members of the lower house, the Wolesi Jirga – something which the IEC called a […]

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2010 Election (32): Crimes, misdemeanours but no consequences?

Gran Hewad

When the final result of Afghanistan’s parliamentary election is published tomorrow (Wednesday)(*), this saga might be over for much of the outside world. Because the process has become so bungled, there will be a big sigh of relief: ‘at least we have the list of the MPs now’. Not so for many Afghans. So called […]

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2010 Elections 31: Who will fix the election?

Martine van Bijlert

The ECC has forwarded the names of 413 candidates to the Attorney General’s Office, while the Attorney General’s Office has initiated investigations into both electoral bodies. As the various branches of government argue over how the process should have been done and who is to blame for the flaws, it is becoming increasingly clear that […]

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2010 Elections 30: Loose ends and entanglements

Martine van Bijlert

As the basic data is still being released and clarified (or not), the IEC has found itself confronted with a series of awkward loose ends. This is being complicated by the rising pressure from candidates, the palace and, more recently, the Attorney General’s Office, as an increasing number of actors is being dragged into the […]

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Afghan government falters in Kandahar


Washington Post, 3 November 2010 Joshua Partlow and Karen DeYoung report another governance desaster (after Marja): ‘Despite months of American prodding, the Afghan government has failed to fill dozens of key positions in Kandahar, leaving an ineffectual local administration that U.S. officials fear will cripple the battlefield progress the military says it is making in […]

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AAN In The Media – November 2010

AAN Team

Afghan officials free top Taliban fighters Reuters, 30 November 2010 Afghan security forces and hig-ranking officials, including President Karzai, are freeing captured senior Taliban for payment or political motives, states this article. Reuters gives the case of GHulam Haidar, a leading insurgent commander from Kandahar. AAN’s Kate Clark adds that some Taleban are freed legally […]

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2010 Elections 29: Losing legitimacy – Kandahar’s preliminary winners

Matthieu Aikins

There has been some very positive news coming out of Kandahar province lately, as the New York Times’ Carlotta Gall has reported(*). According to ISAF and Afghan government officials, the Taliban have been “routed” from the province by a massive military offensive, partly with the help of a miraculous rocket launcher, the HIMARS system, which, […]

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2010 Elections 28: Sacrifing the vote for a semblance of control

Martine van Bijlert

Most international supporters had reached an early conclusion that whatever happened in the field, the IEC in Kabul did their job well – guarding the process and maintaining a level of independence and transparency. Candidates and voters strongly disagree and are venting suspicions of manipulation and foul play up to the highest level. The results […]

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2010 Elections 27: And finally… the preliminary results

Martine van Bijlert

The 2010 preliminary results were announced on 20 October 2010, but as usual information, as well as an understanding of what that information means, is trickling in rather slowly. So far we have a series of figures provided by the IEC, but no answers on why they don’t match or add up; and an internet […]

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AAN Guest blog: Making Elections Count

William Maley

Afghanistan’s elections have been spectacularly problematic. Only hours before the announcement of this year’s preliminary results, Professor William Maley explores the different ways in which electoral processes can be viewed – as theatre, a way to change power without bloodshed, or a means of renegotiating power relations. He discusses the corrosive impact of widspread fraud […]

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