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Political Theatre around PRTs

Barbara Stapleton

President Hamed Karzai wants to close down the PRTs and some other unspecified ‘unnecessary international institutions’ the presence of which he sees as ‘major barriers against our efforts for state building'(*). This is what he said when opening the newly elected Afghan parliament on 26 January. He repeated this at his 6 February speech at […]

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Wolesi Jirga, Next Movement: Andantino con Blackout (amended)

Fabrizio Foschini

Another two inconclusive sessions – when it comes to the election of the speaker – of the Wolesi Jirga, the Lower House in Kabul, have been held over the Western weekend. But they were worth following, nevertheless, since they brought interesting, ‘anti-authoritarian’ decisions: new candidates will run and not the two main contenders, Sayyaf and […]

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The Terrible F-Word

Mario Ragazzi

Remind me who had said this 😉 that failure is no option. Or is it? At least the European Parliament thinks so and has said it in a recent resolution – that the international strategy in Afghanistan has failed? Our frequent reader and today’s guest blogger Mario Ragazzi(*) has asked himself what we mean when […]

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Lower House speaker election: Intermezzo of the Surprise Candidates

Gran Hewad Fabrizio Foschini

As widely predicted, also the second attempt to elect a speaker of the newly inaugurated Wolesi Jirga that took place on Wednesday did not give any decisive result. Afghanistan’s lower house now has held already its first four sessions without being able to do so. AAN’s Gran Hewad and Fabrizio Foschini have attended the meeting […]

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AAN In The Media – February 2011


Afghan parliament elects ex-warlord as speaker Reuters, 27 February 2011 AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini comments on the election of the Parliamentary speaker, saying that although his election resolves the most immediate impasse, parliament continues to face “internal problems and external manipulation,” Taliban in PR Scramble After Attacks  Wall Street Journal, 26 February 2011 Article quotes AAN’s […]

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Afghanistan’s new parliament and yet another election (updated)

Fabrizio Foschini

130 days after the parliamentary vote and 64 days after the final results, not to mention a fair deal of wrangling, the new Wolesi Jirga was inaugurated on Wednesday 26 January. The process had been long and full of hurdles and it is still not completely certain that it is over. As late as Saturday […]

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High Hurdles Race to the Afghan Parliament (updated)

Fabrizio Foschini

As expected, President Karzai’s announcement of 5-to-12 to delay the Parliament’s inauguration for one month has opened a tough political match. For the last three days, the winning candidates have kept meeting every morning at the Intercontinental hotel. The majority remained committed to proceed with the inauguration on Sunday as well as with their rejection […]

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The President’s Verdict: No Parliament till mid-February

Gran Hewad Thomas Ruttig Fabrizio Foschini

On a remarkably busy winter day, the dreams of many former participant in the past September elections to take up her/his job in Parliament soon were shattered by the President’s ruling to delay the house’s inauguration for another month. Meanwhile, the opposite hopes of a multitude of ‘disappointed candidates’ – i.e. the losers of 18 […]

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Guest Blog: Legal Pluralism – Decentralization of the Rule of Law?

Michael Daxner

The discussion about how Afghanistan’s legal system should work and its three components – state, customary and Islamic law (sharia) – should relate to each other has been going on ever since 2001, without a clear result. Even the constitution leaves loopholes that are reflected in the legal practice. Currently, the Afghan government works on […]

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Disappearing ink: Afghanistan’s sham democracy


Harper’s, 1 January 2011 The next one of Matt Aikins’ signature reportages, with an eye-witness report on the (non-) election in Nangrahar province and featuring – amonst others – Zalmay Khalilzad (who cannot remember a lot), Grant Kippen and Janan Mosazai – not fully on the web yet. The magazine’s print issue is already available.

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AAN In The Media – January 2011

AAN Team

Karzai’s Governing Strategy: A Threat to ISAF COIN Implementation Small Wars Journal, 31 January 2011 Article by James Sisco quotes several AAN blogs, including: As noted Afghanistan scholar Martine van Bijlert writes, In many ways, the list is a reiteration of the myths of the jehad, honouring those who made the emergence of the Taleban […]

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Election Stalemate and the Revival of Old Fault Lines (updated)

Martine van Bijlert

To all those who have lost track of what’s going on with the Afghan Parliamentary elections: don’t feel too bad. It has become very difficult to follow, even for those of us who really try – not just in terms of who is pushing for what and what that may result in, but also in […]

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