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government of national unity

Elections 2014 (51): Finally, a deal, but not yet democracy

Kate Clark

After more than three months of audits and behind-the-scenes negotiation, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah signed a deal today to set up a government of national unity. The election ‘result’ was announced a couple of hours later, but the Independent Election Commission (IEC) declined to give any figures. It had been clear, all along, that […]

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Portraits of Ghani and Abdullah. Photo c/o Tolonews.

Elections 2014 (50): Experience with ‘governments of national unity’ elsewhere

Thomas Ruttig

In hindsight, it is difficult to find out who first had the idea of Afghanistan having a ‘government of national unity’ (GNU) as the way out of the Afghan electoral deadlock. Currently, however, it is promoted by almost all the international players and, at least in words – an agreement how to implement it is […]

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