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Lahndi Season: a delicacy and a feast in rural Afghanistan

Fazl Rahman Muzhary

Many find the arrival of fall and the beginning of winter depressing, but Lahndi, a traditional food feast in Afghanistan, makes the season something to look forward to. In certain ways, the anticipation of Lahndi can be compared to the way people around the world prepare for Christmas, with happiness; with one major difference, that […]

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Winter food crisis looms over Daikundi


Pajhwok News Agency, 28 October 2012 People in the central Daikundi province is likely to face severe food crisis this winter as food production had dipped in recent months due to erratic weather conditions, the agency reports. ‘Wheat production declined by 30,000 tonnes this year compared to last year’s 50,000 tonnes output, while the province […]

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