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Janus-Faced Pledges: A review of the 2020 Geneva donor conference on Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference in Geneva (which took place virtually) has produced pledges of 12 to 13 billion US dollars for the period 2021-24. The result represents a drop of up to 20 per cent compared to the 15.2 billion pledged four years ago in Brussels for 2017-20 and significantly below UNDP projections for the […]

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2 October 2011: AAN’s Sari Kouvo discusses gender, conflict and Afghanistan and KATU’s Security Seminar in Helsinki, Finland

AAN admin

AAN’s Sari Kouvo held a seminar about gender and human security at the annual security seminar of the Civil Society Conflict Prevention Network in Finland. The aim of the seminar was to challenge the state-centered security paradigm through a focus on human security. Other speakers included Finland’s Minister of Development, Heidi Hautala, and Minister of […]

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