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EVAW law

Widespread Violence yet Perpetrators go Unpunished: A new UN report on violence against Afghan women

Jelena Bjelica Thomas Ruttig

Violence against women – be it murder, beatings, mutilation, child marriage, the giving away of girls in marriage to resolve disputes (baad) or other harmful practices – remains widespread throughout Afghanistan, despite the government’s efforts to criminalise such practices, the UN has found. Its new report highlights how mediation by government and traditional actors, which […]

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Harassment of Women in Afghanistan: A hidden phenomenon addressed in too many laws

Ehsan Qaane

Afghan women and girls often quietly endure harassment, including sexual harassment. Speaking out brings with it the possibility of their honour being called into question, and could lead to further restrictions being placed on their lives. Over the past few years, several legal initiatives have sought to address the issue of harassment. This has led […]

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Portrait Masume. Photo: Gervasio Sánchez.

Women Suffering, Women Looking for Ways Out: A photo exhibition in Barcelona

Thomas Ruttig

 “A woman who wants to marry the man who raped her. . . . Brides ending up mutilated after their first sexual experience. . . . Women with university training and a career condemned to live with husbands they do not love because, if they divorce, they would lose their children.” These are captions to […]

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Shame and Impunity: Is violence against women becoming more brutal?

Wazhma Samandary

A father raping his daughter over almost ten years without the family daring to intervene (except to help with abortions); a woman burnt after a family fight; another woman mutilated because her husband enjoyed doing so – these are just some of the cases of violence against women and girls that have been reported in […]

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Afghan law to be revised after pressure on women’s rights


AFP/New Straits Times, 17 February 2014 In an article reporting that President Karzai has ordered amendments to a proposed law criticised for eroding women’s rights, the author quotes from AAN's recent dispatch on the matter, authored by Sari Kouvo and Wazhma Samandary: “Although there is important mobilisation against violence against women,  there is also a backlash,” […]

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Karzai revisa la ley que desprotegía a las víctimas de violencia doméstica


El País, 17 February 2014 In an article about the struggle about the EVAW law, this article quotes AAN's Sari Kouvo: “Si se ratifica el proyecto de ley, la mayoría de los casos que se juzgan bajo la EVAW [Ley para la Eliminación de la Violencia contra las Mujeres] se quedarán sin testigos”, confirma Sari […]

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