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electoral vetting

Supporters of some disqualified candidates including MullahTarakhel and Zardad Faryadi shut down the IEC headquarters in Kabul from 13 to 25 August in protest against the ECC’s decision to debar them from standing in 20 October elections. Photo credit: Tolonews

Afghanistan Election Conundrum (15): A contested disqualification of candidates

Ali Yawar Adili

The campaign by more than 2,600 candidates to secure votes in the Afghan parliamentary elections is in full swing, for over a week now. 35 would-be MPs, however, are not running. They have been barred from standing by the Electoral Complaints Commission, chiefly for ties to illegal armed groups. In this piece, AAN’s Ali Yawar […]

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2010 Elections 1: Facts and Figures

Fabrizio Foschini

With less than a week left before 18 September, we would like to summarize the major facts and figures that relate to the upcoming parliamentary election. The total number of candidates standing in this year’s election is 2502. The number of candidates whose names appeared on the 34 final provincial candidates list (plus one for […]

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