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Defying Dostum: A new Jombesh and the struggle for leadership over Afghanistan’s Uzbeks

Thomas Ruttig

After years of attempts at inner-party reform, dissidents of Jombesh, one of Afghanistan’s major political parties, have given up. They have left and created a new party; not very surprisingly it is called the “New Jombesh.” The recent departure to Turkey – officially for ‘medical treatment’ – by ‘old’ Jombesh leader (and First Vice President) […]

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From ‘Slavers’ to ‘Warlords’: Descriptions of Afghanistan’s Uzbeks in western writing

Christian Bleuer

From the early 1800s to the present day, western writers have explored Afghanistan either in person or from a distance, their publications providing a view of Afghanistan’s governments and people to the wider audience in Europe, the United States and the west. However, this view is distorted in many ways. One noticeable case in this […]

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Ghani Hopes Makeover Leads To Afghan Election Victory


Radio Free Europe/Radio LIberty, 10 March 2014 In this protrait of presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani, AAN's Kate Clark is quotes as saying: "We've noticed this time that he has embraced his Pashtun and tribal identity," Clark says. "He's hoping that will enable him to reach out to rural Pashtuns because he will present himself as […]

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The Afghan Dead Find a List

AAN Team

IPS, 19 October 2013 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted twice in Giuliano Battiston’s article about the Khalqi arrest/death lists and Dostum’s apology about his involvement in civil war crimes: “As Kate Clark, a member of the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network, pointed out, the 4,875 names listed are ‘only a fraction of the total number who were […]

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Afghanistan’s most feared warlord says sorry to victims of conflict

AAN Team

The Telegraph, 10 October 2013 In this article about General Dostum’s “unprecedented public apology for his role in the country’s bloody civil wars”, AAN’s translation of his statement is quoted.

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A Leader Apologises: General Dostum, elections and war crimes

Kate Clark

For the first time, a senior Afghan has made a public apology to those of his compatriots who suffered during the war. General Abdul Rashid Dostum, leader of the largely Uzbek Jombesh party / ex military faction, made the statement a day after registering as running mate to Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai in the presidential elections. […]

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