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Doha agreement

Afghanistan-Untersuchungsausschuss: Die Fragen bleiben

Tageszeitung, 17 January 2024 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in this analysis of the work so far of German parliament’s – the Bundestag – enquiry committee about the last phase of German engagement in Afghanistan (in German). The more important of the quotes: Analyst Ruttig recently wrote that the [committee’s] ongoing analysis of the Doha […]

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AAN Q&A: Mediation or facilitation “would help” in the Doha talks

AAN Team

The intra-Afghan negotiations in Doha are stalling since the first round ended in December 2020 with an agreement on the talks’ rules of procedure and both parties forwarding their lists of items for an agenda for the next rounds. In order to find out where there are possible ways out of the current political stalemate, […]

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Taleban Opportunism and ANSF Frustration: How the Afghan conflict has changed since the Doha agreement

Andrew Quilty

Those ‘living the war’ in Afghanistan, both civilians and combatants, have had markedly different experiences in the last seven months depending on where they are in the country. Those in Taleban-controlled areas have seen unexpected peace since the United States and Taleban signed their agreement in Doha after the US largely halted air attacks and […]

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From Doha to Peace? Obstacles rising in the way of intra-Afghan talks

Thomas Ruttig

Two key documents to get an Afghan peace process started have been signed: the Doha “Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan” and a simultaneous bilateral United States-Afghan declaration. The two documents together are supposed to open the door for intra-Afghan peace talks, ie between the Taleban and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on 10 March. […]

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Briefing With Senior US Official On Next Steps Toward an Agreement on Bringing Peace to Afghanistan

Briefing With Senior Administration Official On Next Steps Toward an Agreement on Bringing Peace to Afghanistan SPECIAL BRIEFING OFFICE OF THE SPOKESPERSON WASHINGTON, D.C. FEBRUARY 29, 2020 Original link: MODERATOR:  Do you have anything that you want to start off with before they go back on questions? SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  No, I’m here to – we’re here […]

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