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Thomas Ruttig on 2014 elections, Democracy and Political Transitions in Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

In conversation with one of the co-founders of AAN Thomas Ruttig on 2014 elections, democracy and governance in Afghanistan.

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E-tazkera: relieving pre-election tension or adding to the confusion?

Obaid Ali

One of the ideas to prevent fraud and ensure fairness in future elections is the accelerated introduction of electronic identity cards to Afghanistan. According to the Ministry of Interior it will take at least a decade until all Afghans have the planned new identity cards, but proponents of the e-tazkera believe the project can still […]

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The ‘Afghanistan 1400’ Movement: Changing Youth Politics in Afghanistan?

S Reza Kazemi

Afghanistan 1400, a new civic-political youth organisation, recently declared its existence in what is, in practice, a scattered and largely manipulated youth landscape in Afghanistan. Established by a number of highly educated and diverse young people, the group pursues an ambitious and forward-looking agenda of contributing to the emergence of a ‘prosperous and democratic Afghanistan’ […]

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