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Going in Circles: The never-ending story of Afghanistan’s unfinished Ring Road

Qayoom Suroush

Since the presidential campaign and during trips abroad President Ashraf Ghani has been promising to turn Afghanistan into an “Asian roundabout” for regional trade and transit. However, for this, Afghanistan would need to improve its transport systems and build new and better roads. That is probably why, in his first cabinet meeting, on 2 October […]

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Thousands of private contractors will remain in Afghanistan


Digital Journal, 30 May 2014 Self-explanatory article with some intersting catch words: The Overseas Contingency Operations budget, Counter-Terrorism Partnership Fund, US private intelligence and military contractors, Expeditionary Warfare; Irregular Warfare; Special Operations; Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations.

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‘Windfalls of war’: Companies with spotty records making billions off Afghanistan


Fox News, 22 February 2014 "So who's getting rich off the war?", asks the right-wing US network and answers: "The biggest American benefactors of contracts in Afghanistan in recent years (…) DynCorp International, KBR and Fluor Corporation". And it says how: questionable track records, overcherging, enjoying almost monopolised access to contracts… Apart from that, it also mentions […]

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