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How Assassination Sold Drugs and Promoted Terrorism / The Kingpin strategy

Martine van Bijlert, 28 April 2015 An fascinating, slightly older post (its contents were raised in this recent blogpost by Gary Owens) by Andrew Cockburn on the so-called Kingpin strategy. This node-centric approach has its roots in the drug wars and underlies the expanding US counterinsurgency targeting campaigns. It also turns out to have had the exact opposite effect as intended — as found by Rex […]

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“Reach the Women”: The US military’s experiment of female soldiers working with Afghan women

Gary Owen

In 2009, the United States military in Afghanistan started deploying female soldiers to the field so that they could interact with Afghan women during operations and patrols. A picture of life as a member of what were called Female Engagement and Cultural Support Teams has come in a recently published book, Ashley’s War, by Gayle […]

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External publication (in German): Militarisierung der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (The Militarisation of Aid)

Thomas Ruttig

Afghanistan Info (Neuchâtel), March 2014 (not online) Thomas Ruttig, “Militarisierung der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit: Der jüngste Afghanistan-Krieg als Auslöser eines Besorgnis erregenden Trend” (Militarisation of Development Cooperation: The recent Afghanistan war as trigger of a concerning trend), Afghanistan Info, Neuchâtel, no. 74 (March 2014), pp 8-9. Issue no 74 of the publication of the Swiss Committee for the Support of […]

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Destruction is Rebuilding, or: Fare thee well, population-centric COIN

Thomas Ruttig

Words and deeds differ more and more in the US strategy in Afghanistan. A blogger made AAN’s Senior Analyst Thomas Ruttig think about her question ‘Is This What Population-centric Counterinsurgency Looks Like?’, remember some reports he read recently and conclude that the answer is ‘no’. Yesterday, we added a blogdescribing – and carrying a photo of […]

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The Fallacy of COIN: One Officer’s Frustration


Small Wars Journal, 13 March 2011 Former USAID official and marine Scott Dempsey gives a realistic description of the celebrated (and often visited) COIN model district on Nawa, of what had been achieved there really and what not.

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