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Civil War

Tajik gentlemen discussing in Dushanbe. Photo: Thomas Ruttig

‘Peace-for-Power’ versus Participatory Solutions: Lessons of Tajikistan’s civil war – a book review

Arne C Seifert

In a highly relevant 2013 book, Central Asia analysts Kirill Nourzhanov and Christian Bleuer (*) have looked at social relations and the political system in Tajikistan at the end of the 1990s civil war in this Central Asian neighbour of Afghanistan. Our guest author Arne C. Seifert (**) has read the book and argues that […]

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A Second ‘Death List’: More on those forcibly disappeared in the civil war

P. Gossman

After last year’s release of a ‘death list’ containing almost 5000 names of men who ‘disappeared’ in the late 1970s, another list is to be publicly available soon, this time listing 671 men who were forcibly disappeared during the civil war in Kabul in the mid-1990s. The document was put together, at the time, by […]

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The year it became ‘Afghan versus Afghan’

AAN Team

Stars and Stripes, 30 December 2014 AAN’s country director in Afghanistan, Kate Clark, is extensively quoted in this year-ender: Kate Clark, a senior analyst with the Afghanistan Analyst Network, said the war for Afghans looks completely different than it did a year ago. “I think the nature of the war is changing,” she said. “It’s […]

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Candidates on Camera: Interviewing the next president of Afghanistan

Kate Clark

Although campaigning for the presidential elections does not officially start until February 2014, the media has started interviewing the eleven candidates. This is a time for journalists to find out their plans and try to elicit specific promises on what they will or will not do should they become president. Most candidates have pasts to […]

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The Afghan Dead Find a List

AAN Team

IPS, 19 October 2013 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted twice in Giuliano Battiston’s article about the Khalqi arrest/death lists and Dostum’s apology about his involvement in civil war crimes: “As Kate Clark, a member of the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network, pointed out, the 4,875 names listed are ‘only a fraction of the total number who were […]

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Afghanistan’s most feared warlord says sorry to victims of conflict

AAN Team

The Telegraph, 10 October 2013 In this article about General Dostum’s “unprecedented public apology for his role in the country’s bloody civil wars”, AAN’s translation of his statement is quoted.

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Tell Us How This Ends. Transitional Justice and Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan

P. Gossman Sari Kouvo

AAN’s latest thematic report “Tell Us How This Ends: Transitional Justice and Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan” by Patricia Gossman and Sari Kouvo, asks whether, after 35 years of conflict, Afghanistan can move forward without addressing the legacies of its violent past? A timely and relevant question in the context of current efforts to find […]

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