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A Ban, a Resolution and a Meeting: A look at the May 2023 meeting in Doha and the reactions to it

Kate Clark Roxanna Shapour

The 1-2 May 2023 gathering in Doha, hosted by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, brought together the representatives of 21 countries – the five permanent members of the Security Council, major donors and regional players, plus the European Union and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. They spent two days talking about how to engage with […]

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Afghanistan 1400: The dawn and decline of a political movement

Rachel Reid

Ten years ago, a group of bright young Afghan professionals formed Harakat-e-Afghanistan 1400 (Afghanistan 1400 Movement), aiming to break the mould of Afghan politics. With the new century of the Afghan calendar year 1400 (2021) as their horizon, they wanted to establish a political entity that – unlike existing Afghan political parties – was not based […]

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Afghan trade union May Day demonstrators demand jobs. Photo: Pajhwok.

Two new external publications: The Afghan conflict, the Afghan civil society

Thomas Ruttig

1 – An anthology of articles about the Afghan conflict (in German): „The Great Unrest: Afghanistan and its neighbours” is the title of an anthology of articles (all in German) that has been published today by Edition Le Monde diplomatique in cooperation with Berlin daily Tageszeitung (taz). It includes articles that have been published in […]

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The Killing of Farkhunda (1): The physical environment and the social types party to her murder

Fabrizio Foschini Naheed Esar Malikzay

40 days after the violent killing of Farkhunda, supporters gathered on Monday, 27 April 2015, to mourn and protest her death. Afghan public opinion has now reached a broad consensus over the unprecedented gravity of this murder. Yet, many questions remain as to what triggered the killing and how it was possible for such a […]

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Civil Society's symbolic cabinet. Photo courtesy of Khaama.

104 Days Without a Government – and Counting: The national mood sours

Kate Clark Obaid Ali Thomas Ruttig

More than three months after President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah were inaugurated, they have still not formed a government. That continuing lack of a cabinet has meant public confidence and patience – which, at the time of the inauguration, ran high – are now wearing thin. A civil society […]

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Thematic Dossier VI: Women, Rights and Politics

AAN Team

Women’s rights have been high up on the agenda of the international community since the start of its intervention more than 13 years ago. How successful has it been? Where do Afghan women stand in 2014 – and where will they be in just a few years time? Observers, national and international, are worried that […]

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Afghans Set to Vote on Ethnic Lines


IPS, 2 Apil 2014 Don't be confused: As so often, the article id more differentiated than the headline. It says that ethnicity is only one factor that contributes to voting decisions among Afghans. In ACSF's Aziz Rafiee's words, quoted in the article: “there are five important factors in the voting process: ethnicity, regional location, language, […]

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Jirga Schedule Set, Karzai Reaffirms BSA Focus


ToloNews, 13 November 2013 Not much has filtered out yet about the choice of delegates, composition, agenda and so forth of the upcoming jirga that will decided about the US-Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement. Here a few details, like delegates will break up into "17 categories" on the gathering's first day to be briefed about details […]

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Beyond the Tokyo Centre-Court: Civil Society Concerns

Gran Hewad

Today’s Tokyo Conference is the third such event in a month, following the second ‘Afghanistan: Heart of Asia’ conference in Kabul on 14 June and the Delhi Investment Summit on Afghanistan on 28 June. There have also been three other events in Tokyo, involving the UN, aid agencies and civil society organisations in the run-up […]

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Afghan Civil Society Forum in Bonn (2): A Day of Messaging

Thomas Ruttig

The discussion about a possible peace process that would include the Taleban dominated the discussions on day 2 of the Afghan Civil Society Forum in Bonn on Saturday. While it became obvious that the Afghan organisations still have to do some homework, they professionally reacted to a smear campaign at home declaring that they do […]

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Afghan civil society launches Access to Information campaign

AAN Team

This morning a large number of Afghan civil society organisations and several media organisations used the media attention surrounding the Kabul conference to launch a campaign highlighting the need for access to information and calling for the necessary legislation to be drafted. The demand is an important one. The pervasive ambiguity, the lack of clarity […]

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