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Afghanistan 1400: The dawn and decline of a political movement

Rachel Reid

Ten years ago, a group of bright young Afghan professionals formed Harakat-e-Afghanistan 1400 (Afghanistan 1400 Movement), aiming to break the mould of Afghan politics. With the new century of the Afghan calendar year 1400 (2021) as their horizon, they wanted to establish a political entity that – unlike existing Afghan political parties – was not based […]

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Afghanistan After America: Series Introduction

Thomas Ruttig

World Politics Review, 8 January 2014 WPR introduces a seven-part series “examining conditions in the last year of U.S. military operations there” (at least, under ISAF) and quotes and links to AAN’s Thomas Ruttig’s year-ender on AAN. “The Pentagon has assessed that ANSF casualties were up 62 percent in 2013 over the same period in 2012. Afghan civilian […]

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