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Das Scheitern der Luftlande-Demokratie in Afghanistan: Die Bonner Vereinbarungen von 2001 und die versandete Demokratisierung am Hindukusch – ein Blick von innen

Thomas Ruttig

Thomas Ruttig, in: Marléne Neumann, Michael Schied and Diethelm Weidemann (eds), Afghanistan: Probleme, Konflikte, Perspektiven, Studien zur Geschichte und Gegenwart Asiens, vol. 3, Berlin: trafo Wissenschaftsverlag, pp 41-52. Full pdf of German article “Das Scheitern der Luftlande-Demokratie in Afghanistan: Die Bonner Vereinbarungen von 2001 und die versandete Demokratisierung am Hindukusch – ein Blick von innen” […]

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Guest Blog: Heart of Asia Hardly Beating at the Second ‘Heart of Asia Meeting’

Niamatullah Ibrahimi

After a promising start in Bonn 2001 but almost a decade with this idea falling dormant again, a regional approach has been identified as an essential element for a peaceful and sustainable solution for Afghanistan’s problems. Turkey had given this idea a new start in November last year with a summit meeting in Istanbul. Now, […]

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Berlin, 8 December 2011: After Bonn2 – podium with AAN participation

AAN admin

‘Wie weiter am Hindukusch? Zehn Jahre danach: Afghanistan nach der Bonner Außenministerkonferenz’: AAN’s Thomas Ruttig and Bente Scheller, the Boell Foundation’s outgoing head of office in Kabul, will discuss the outcome of the 5 December international conference on Afghanistan in Bonn, the role of Afghan civil society and perspectives for Afghanistan (in German). Time: Thursday, […]

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Guest Blog: Bonn 2 – Summit of Two Media Realities (with links to official docs)

Martin Gerner

The Bonn 2 Afghanistan Conference was not only revealing in what was said in the non-binding final statement* of the meeting, but also on how differently journalists worked and observed the event for much of the day. Our guest blogger Martin Gerner, a freelance German author and correspondent who also had organized an international seminar […]

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AAN Live: Reading between the lines of Bonn 2

Thomas Ruttig

The Bonn 2 conference was huge – with 100 delegations, it was quantitatively the biggest ever on Afghanistan. Yet expectations had grown progressively more limited over the past few months and the speeches, this morning, from the main protagonists delivered few surprises. President Karzai was particularly bland, repeating again his ‘continued’ commitment to fighting corruption […]

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From Bonn 1 to Bonn 2: Afghanistan’s missed opportunities

Francesc Vendrell

The author, Francesc Vendrell served in Afghanistan as both the Personal Representative the UN Secretary-General and the EU Special Representative. He looks back on the past decade, describing the pre-Bonn attempts at a political settlement, the first Bonn conference and the opportunities that were missed since then. Prolonged conflicts are particularly difficult to resolve, often […]

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Afghan Civil Society Forum in Bonn (2): A Day of Messaging

Thomas Ruttig

The discussion about a possible peace process that would include the Taleban dominated the discussions on day 2 of the Afghan Civil Society Forum in Bonn on Saturday. While it became obvious that the Afghan organisations still have to do some homework, they professionally reacted to a smear campaign at home declaring that they do […]

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Afghan Civil Society Forum in Bonn (1): Occupy the JCMB?

Thomas Ruttig

The tone makes the music, we say here in Germany – ie: it is not only what you say but how you say it. Despite plenty of efforts by the organisers, four German political foundations, to make the 34 elected Afghan delegates to the Bonn Civil Society Forum feel comfortable there were a number of […]

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Bonn2 and Civil Society: An Afghan election and German events (amended)

Thomas Ruttig

One week to go to the international Bonn 2 conference, and even less to the Civil Society Forum (CSF) on 2 and 3 November. The first delegates and representatives of Afghan civil society organisations (which is not the same) are trickling in, also for a whole string of events directly linked – or in opposition […]

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The International Community’s Engagement in Afghanistan beyond 2014

AAN Team

This new discussion paper by the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) discusses the challenges for transition and the cost of a hasty and unconditioned international withdrawal. It particularly focuses on security, economy, political framework, reconciliation, governance, human rights and regional politics. The report, which is a result of the collaboration of key AAN contributors, emphasizes that […]

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Guest Blog: ‘I have read about it…’ A day of Afghan concerns in Germany

Michael Daxner

In the run-up to the Bonn 2 conference, the debate on Afghanistan is flaring up again in Germany. But not only in Germany, there seem to be two Afghanistans that are discussed. Our guest author Michael Daxner* has looked at one day of this debate, with a conference and radio programme on 4 November, points […]

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Guest Blog: Why a Breakthrough is Unlikely at Bonn 2

Abbas Daiyar

On 5 December, on the tenth anniversary of the Bonn Agreement, Germany will host the Bonn II conference. There are exaggerated views in the Afghan public about what the conference is trying to achieve, that – with the ‘talks about talks’ continuing – it might even embark on setting up a new composition of power […]

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