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Bilateral Security Agreement

The Lion Roars Again: BSA, Loya Jirga and a strong sense of déjà vu

Kate Clark

Preparations are underway for the ‘consultative Loya Jirga’ which will meet in a month’s time, as the first step in deciding whether Afghanistan signs a Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the United States. The Afghan parliament will then either approve or reject the agreement. All this pushes the decision way past the 31 October deadline […]

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Not Signed and Sealed Just Yet: Kerry and Karzai’s deal on the Bilateral Security Agreement

Kate Clark

The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, has flown home with the basis of a Bilateral Security Agreement in his pocket, finally thrashed out with President Hamed Karzai. On this depends continuing US and NATO missions after 2014. Negotiations on the deal have been long and painful, AAN senior analyst Kate Clark reports, because […]

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Progress with a catch in Afghanistan troop negotiations

AAN Team

Stars and Stripes
, 13 
October 2013 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted in this article about the Afghan-US negotations over an bilateral security agreement: “’He’s in an unenviable position,’ said Kate Clark, an analyst with the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network, referring to Karzai. ‘He’s the leader of a nation which is very reliant on foreign aid, both budgetary and […]

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Can Kabul Carry Two Melons in One Hand? Afghanistan and Iran sign strategic cooperation document

Thomas Ruttig

Almost unnoticed by the international media, Afghanistan and Iran have signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” during President Karzai’s recent trip to Tehran. The document includes provisions on bilateral military, intelligence and economic cooperation. The sequence indicates importance; the agreement is mainly a security agreement. However, it also contains ideas for a number of trilateral extensions […]

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Legalities of the Post-2014 Landscape: The US-Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement

Kate Clark

By 1 May 2013, the United States and Afghanistan should have finalised a Bilateral Security Agreement and associated Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) for governing a post-2014 US military deployment. There is, as yet, no sign yet of any deal. These new agreements are supposed to supersede the Status of Forces Agreement ratified in May […]

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The ICG Report and the Government’s Search for a New Narrative

Martine van Bijlert

A report by the International Crisis Group on Afghanistan’s upcoming transition has triggered a hostile response from the Afghan government. The ICG report is described as an attempt to weaken Afghanistan’s resolve in the face of the US-Afghan Strategic Partnership negotiations and as a means to pave the way for foreign interference in the upcoming […]

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