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Bagram Detention Centre

Kafka in Cuba: A dossier of reports looking at the Afghan experience in Guantanamo

Kate Clark

AAN has followed the travails of the Afghans held by the United States at its prison camp at Guantanamo Bay on the island of Cuba for over a decade, prompted first by the cases of the five Taleban who were released in exchange for US serviceman Bowe Bergdahl in 2014, and later focussing on the […]

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Afghanistan’s Foreign Security Detainees: How many are there and what to do with them?

Kate Clark

Afghanistan remains an attractive place for international jihadists to come and fight, despite the competing appeal of Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Since the post-2001 insurgency broke out, foreign fighters have come from Pakistan, Central Asia and the Arab world, some bringing their families. An unknown number have ended up in Afghan detention. More information about […]

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Casting a Very Wide Net: Did Ghani just authorise interning Afghans without trial?

Kate Clark Lenny Linke

A recent decree by President Ghani on how to deal with terrorist crimes has introduced the prospect of detaining, without trial, Afghans (and foreigners in Afghanistan) suspected of planning acts of terrorism. The relevant article allows the Afghan authorities to detain suspects indefinitely on very little evidence and with little or no opportunity to defend […]

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‘Secret NATO Jails’ that Aren’t Secret: Ambush and drama over detainees

Kate Clark

In the Afghan government’s latest attempt to wipe out any foreign role in detentions, the commander of the Detention Facility in Parwan (DFIP) on Bagram Air base, General Faruq Barakzai, has said detainees can no longer be sent there. Both US and UK forces have been transferring detainees to the DFIP, which the US finally handed […]

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Pakistani detainee speaks of ordeal in Bagram prison


Press TV (Iran), 14 April 2014 The website of this Iranian TV channel reports the case of a Pakistani truck driver and former Bagram prison inmate who alleges that he has been tortured there while the facility was still under US control. For background, the report adds: "In July 2013, the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), […]

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The ‘Other Guantanamo’ 7: Foreigners in limbo at Bagram

Kate Clark

When wars end, military detainees have to be released. Yet at the end of 2014 when President Obama has said the war in Afghanistan will “come to an end”, it is still completely unclear what will happen to the more than 60 non-Afghans held by the United States military at Bagram Airbase. Most were detained […]

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How Much Has Really Changed at America’s ‘Black Prison’?

AAN aaneditor

Foreign Policy, 26 July 2013 Foreign Policy reports on AAN’s latest dispatch on Bagram detention centre, describing how AAN has found that the US military continue to hold and interrogate Afghan detainees in Afghanistan, including at the notorious ‘Black Prison’ on Bagram Airbase, and continue to practice sleep deprivation. The author, Elias Groll, asks how […]

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The ‘Other Guantanamo’ (3): Bagram and the Struggle for Sovereignty

Kate Clark

Bagram Detention Centre has been officially transferred to Afghan control today, with the fundamental question of sovereignty – who has the right to arrest and detain Afghans on Afghan soil – still not resolved. The US insists it still has the right; the government says this is illegal. On Saturday (8 September 2012), President Karzai, […]

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