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How Neglect and Remoteness Bred Insurgency and a Poppy Boom: The story of Badghis

Jelena Bjelica

Badghis, a far-flung province in the west of the country, was the bad surprise in the 2016 Afghanistan Opium Survey of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. The poppy cultivation area in Badghis increased almost by 200 percent compared to 2015, contributing significantly to the overall countrywide increase of ten per cent. AAN’s Jelena […]

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Forbidden Love And Execution Leaves Afghan Mullah Crying Foul


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 11 October 2013 In Badghis province, Halima escaped with her boyfriend on the eve of her forced wedding, only to be tracked down days later and shot dead in a public execution. The case led to a 17-year prison sentence against a local mullah seen in a video ordering Halima's execution. But now the mullah, 35-year-old […]

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Guest blog: Reintegration of Taleban in Badghis: A Success or a Nightmare?

Monica Bernabe

Badghis, in northwestern Afghanistan, is the province where the most Taleban have laid down their weapons and joined the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP). The Spanish journalist Mònica Bernabé* travelled in June to Qala-e Naw, Badghis capital. By that month, 593 Taleban had laid down their weapons. Last week, the number had grown to […]

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