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Taleban ba rawand-e solh paiwastand ya arbakiha? (Did the Taleban join the peace process or the arbaki?)


Hasht-e Sobh (Kabul), 22 Jauza 1390 (12 June 2011) A very good question by the Kabul daily, about some former Talebs in Badakhshan province.

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Ten Dead in Badakhshan 6: Local Taleban Say it was Murder

Kate Clark

There has been the first on the record condemnation by a senior member of the Taleban of the killings of eight foreign aid workers in Badakshshan on 5th August. Qari Malang, the representative of the Western Nuristan Taleban front, told AAN the Nuristani Taleban considered the killings to be murder. The initial claim of responsibility […]

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Afghanistan war: How USAID loses hearts and minds


Christian Science Monitor, 28 July 2010 The story about how a over-reported but under-staffed and under-achieving development project lost hearts and minds in Badakhshan – with the usual ingredients: Afghanistan-unexperienced companies, subcontracting, and spening pressure, i.e.

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