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Afghan parliament will vote on 9 April about a new interior minister, among others, after the previous one, Nur-ul-Haq Ulumi (here on a 2005 election poster in Kandahar) stepped down. Photo: Thomas Ruttig.

Filling NUG Vacancies: Parliament to vote on Interior Minister and Attorney General

Ehsan Qaane Salima Ahmadi Thomas Ruttig

With two international conferences that will decide about future support levels for Afghanistan at the horizon, and a surprisingly high number of key positions still held by caretakers or politically vulnerable individuals, the NUG has moved to fill two posts that are central to the government’s key undertakings: Interior Minister, which plays an important role […]

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Illicit miners yet to be prosecuted


Pajhwok News Agency, 6 February 2014 The list of 1400 companies and individuals involved in the illegal extraction of mines that had been released a year ago by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has not arrived at the Attorney General Office (AGO) yet, reports the Kabul-based news agency. And it is shrinking: Integrity Watch says the initial […]

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