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How the West Contributed to the ANSF’s Dire State

Thomas Ruttig

The Independent on Sunday came out today with an article highlighting the dire state of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). The article’s headline is self-explanatory: ‘After 10 years, no security unit is fit to take over from coalition in Afghanistan’. Indeed, there are grave concerns whether the ANSF can fully take over by 2014 […]

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U.S. Sending Training Agents to Afghanistan to Stem Infiltration of Local Forces


New York Times, 11 June 2011 The US has started sending 80 counterintelligence experts (why call them training agents?) to Afghanistan to review profiles and tighten recruitment procedures for the Afghan security forces. According to the article at least 57 people have been killed since March 2009, in at least 19 attacks carried out by […]

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When the police goes local; more on the Baghlan ALP

Gran Hewad

AAN returns to the story of the local police (ALP) of Baghlan and particularly the group of Hezb-e Islami fighters who, supported by the US Special Forces, had reconciled and become local police in summer 2010, and were decimated in a Taleban attack in September. Some locals have accused this group of committing crimes. Others […]

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The Inteqal Express Gets Green Light in Lisbon

Thomas Ruttig

This Friday’s NATO summit in Lisbon will nod through the Obama administration’s decision that there will be a phased handover of security tasks to the Afghan forces, maybe province-by-province, ‘inteqal’ in short. This is part of Petraeus’ copy-cat ‘Iraqi solution’ and the US allies’ exit strategy: declare combat operations over, withdraw a part of the […]

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AAN Guest Blog: Some ANSF Maths

AAN Guests

The following blog is contributed by A FRIEND of AAN in Kabul who – for a good reason which in the media is usually described as that she/he is not authorized to speak about the subject – does not want to see her/his name printed here. After following the recent discussions about number increases in […]

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