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Amnesty Law

The Intra-Afghan Peace Talks: Warring parties negotiate, victims of war are excluded

Ehsan Qaane

A clear divide has emerged in the Afghan government on the role of war victims in the peace process. In a surprising move, President Ashraf Ghani recently suggested that Afghanistan should follow the Spanish model – better known as the ‘pact of forgetting’. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Peace and members of the Afghan negotiating team […]

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Thematic Dossier XVI: Afghanistan’s War Crimes Amnesty and the International Criminal Court

AAN Team

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is currently pondering whether to open an investigation into war crimes committed in Afghanistan since 2003, allegedly by the Taleban, the American military and CIA and Afghan government forces. In order to provide context to this possible investigation, AAN is publishing a dossier that brings together our reporting on amnesty […]

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“Tell Us How This Ends”; Discussing Transitional Justice

Sari Kouvo

AAN’s latest report ‘Tell Us How This Ends: Transitional Justice and Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan’ asks whether, after 35 years of conflict, Afghanistan can move forward without addressing the legacies of its violent past. The report includes an overview of war crimes and human rights violations from the Communist putsch in 1978 to the […]

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