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Karzai Security Contractor Ban Could Assist Humanitarian Aid Work


Eurasianet, 28 October 2010 Aunohita Mojumdar puts another part of the current spin straight: The PSC ban does NOT hamper humanitarian work, at least not that of non-governmental organisations. And even ‘[n]ot all donors use private security companies […]. The Canadian government also indicated that a ban would have a minimal impact on aid operations […]

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In Kabul, a Service for Slain Aid Workers


New York Times blog, 13 August 2010 Rob Nordland reports from the memorial service for the murdered aid workers at the old British Cemetary in Kabul.

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Aid Workers and the Military

Thomas Ruttig

Let’s start 2010 with something positive: German chancellor Angela Merkel commended the work of civilian aid workers in Afghanistan in her New Year address, before mentioning policemen and soldiers. That was an interesting and long overdue accent in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s New Year TV address: She commended the ‘many civilian helpers, the policemen and our […]

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