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Coming Home to Kabul: A Mughal art exhibition opens in the cradle of King Babur’s Empire

Jelena Bjelica Kate Clark

The display of 72 paintings from the mid-sixteenth century Mughal period in Kabul as well as late sixteenth and seventeenth century Indian Mughal paintings opened in the Queen’s Pavilion of Babur’s Garden in Kabul on 31 March 2018. This, as well as an earlier exhibition in Herat’s Citadel in December 2017 showcasing fifteenth century Tîmûrid […]

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June 2009: Conference on Governance in Istanbul

AAN admin

In late June, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig participated in the conference ‘Fundamentals of Governance in Afghanistan’ organized by The Hollings Center for International Dialogue and the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS) in Istanbul (Turkey). A conference report can be found under: Here

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