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[Taleban] Ban on excessive marriage costs proves popular among young men


IWPR, 12 September 2010 Two months ago, the Taleban in Tagab district of Kapisa have imposed a new rule that bride-prices should not exceed 3,800 US dollars and it goes down well with the locals. They also banned other costly practices surrounding marriage, including one known locally as ‘takbir’ where up to 50 people visit […]

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5 May 2010: New Publication ‘Nation-Building Is Not for All’

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In this latest AAN report Afghanistan scholar Antonio Giustozzi explores the deeply political and contentious history of education in Afghanistan. The report discusses the development of state education over the last 90 years in the context of nation-building, and touches on a series of crucial issues, including the role of religion; the priority of government […]

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17 February, Kabul: AREU Lecture about the Shia Personal Status Law

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AREU invites for a special lecture that will look deeper into the process around the controversial law that met strong protest both inside and outside of Afghanistan. AREU invites for a special lecture by Lauryn Oates, titled ‘A Closer Look: The Policy and Law-Making Process Behind the Shiite Personal Status Law’. The event takes place on […]

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