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Women and Reconciliation (2): The Dangers of Representing Women as Victims

Deborah Smith

Why are the voices and everyday experiences of Afghanistan’s rural, urban poor and working class women still so rarely heard? Why do they continue to be (re)presented as a homogeneous group of victims of their own families, communities and traditions? In this guest blog, Deborah Smith* argues that it is important to move away from […]

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Malalai’s wayward sisters


Being a woman criminal in Afghanistan may not lead to wide public recognition as it does in neighbouring India, but Afghan ladies actually have a very respectable tradition of being ‘bandit queens’. In the event of a newly reported instance of this type, AAN’s archival team looks at a couple of memorable past characters. A […]

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Women and Reconciliation: What are the Concerns?

Sari Kouvo

Peace is not made with friends, it is made with enemies. Peace deals are then about finding a minimum common ground and making compromises: It comes at a cost, but the price is not necessarily equal for everybody. Sari Kouvo, AAN Senior Analyst, discusses some of the key themes that came up in her meetings […]

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Afghan government plans crackdown on revealing wedding dresses


Guardian, 1 April 2011 Another piece where you would hope it is an 1 April joke: The Afghan government apparently has nothing better to do then regulating by a new law — wedding dresses, and even worse, strict gender segregation at wedding and, even worse, wants to send ‘committees’ to check whether the new law […]

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Ghor Warlords Accused of Abusing Women


IWPR, 17 March 2011 IWPR has gathered evidence from provincial government officials, police and residents of Ghor, who report that numerous grave human rights abuses are being committed by militia forces which in theory are not even supposed to exist any more – a tell-tale story about the ‘success’ of the Disbandment of Illegal Armed […]

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Shelters in the Storm: The Controversy over Women’s Safehouses

Sari Kouvo

The Afghan government accuses women’s shelters of corruption, while women’s rights advocates criticize the government for believing rumors rather than facts and succumbing to the pressure of conservatives. Whatever the outcome of this controversy, the victims are likely to be the women who have sought refuge in the shelters – most of them fleeing situations […]

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Who Benefits from Taliban Revisionism?


Guardian, 21 January 2011 The Afghan government is trying to whitewash the Taliban’s image by claiming it no longer opposes education for girls, argues Rachel Reid from Human Rights Watch.

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The Air Is Getting Thicker in Paktia

Thomas Ruttig

Some progress on the women’s front but the security situation spiraling further downwards and a population that cannot find anything good in the Americans anymore – these are impressions from a short visit to Gardez this week that was undertaken by AAN’s Senior Analyst Thomas Ruttig, two and a half months after his last trip […]

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30 Nov/ 3 Dec, Saba TV Kabul: Vendrell in interview

AAN admin

AAN’s Advisory Board chairman and former UN and EU special envoy to Afghanistan, Francesc Vendrell, will be on Saba TV’s (Kabul) ’30 Minutes’ programme, in an exclusive interview together with Pakistani writer and journalist Ahmad Rashid — tonight Tuesday Nov 30 at 8:30 PM and rebroadcast on Dec 3 at 9:30 PM on SABA Television. […]

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A Woman’s touch: Engagement teams make inroads with Afghanistan’s female community


Stars and Stripes, 9 October 2010 A story about US Army Female Engagement Teams in Zabul – with sentences like: ‘Women account for nearly half of all Afghans’ (a male officer says). ‘Engagement teams are an enabler of counter insurgency and comprehensive understanding of the operational environment’ (the same officer). ‘Few women in southern Afghanistan […]

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[Sima] Samar May Win Nobel Prize for Advocacy of Afghan Women’s Rights


Bloomberg, 4 October 2010 Samar, 53, is the “top pick,” said Kristian Berg Harpviken, head of the Oslo-based institute, which ranks potential winners.

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2010 Election 16: Will women win both Nimruz seats?

Martine van Bijlert

It is interesting to see how candidates narrow down the local parliamentary elections to a competition between a limited number of rivals. The women in many provinces have their own competition, vying mainly for the seats reserved for female candidates. Their complaints thus tend to focus on their immediate female rivals, disregarding the fraud that […]

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