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External Publication: Einiges besser, nichts wirklich gut (Some things better, nothing really good)

Thomas Ruttig < 1 min

WeltTrends, January/February 2014

Street scribe in Kunduz; his profession is help illiterate people to fill out forms when interacting with the state bureaucracy. Photo: Thomas Ruttig (2006)

In this German-language article, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig attempts to draw a balance of the twelve years of the US/NATO-led intervention in Afghanistan. Looking at the security situation, the state of the insurgency, achievements and shortcomings in reconstruction, the economy and institution building and at the often-overlooked social situation of the population. He concludes that after more than 30 years of war, Afghanistan is still in the midst of crisis – without a Westfalian Peace, as after 30 years of war in 16th century Europe to which the situation in Afghanistan is often compared, in sight.

Thomas Ruttig, “Einiges besser, nichts wirklich gut: Afghanistan nach 34 Jahren Krieg – eine Bilanz”, WeltTrends, Potsdam, Jan/Feb 2014, pp 27-39.

PDF file of this article in German here.

An English version of this article here.

The same WeltTrends issue also contains an article by AAN’s former researcher S. Reza Kazemi, “Afghanistan und Zentralasien”.

PDF file of this article in German here.

Said Reza Kazemi, “Afghanistan und Zentralasien”, WeltTrends, Potsdam, Jan/Feb 2014, pp 61-69.



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