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Commitment letter for foreign nationals living on IEA territory

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This was a draft document sent to international organisations by the Taleban government in June 2001; it was never implemented. Source: AAN archive.

Exact copy of the English original (retyped because of poor quality of original fax copy):

The commitments of Foreign Nationals
While Living into the territory of the IEA
Commitment letter

Father’s Name:
Last Name:
Passport no:

First, I with the above mentioned identity pledge that by
entering into the territory of IEA will be strictly observing
the items of this Commitment letter.

Second, I pledge that while I am staying into the territory of
IEA will not be doing the followings:
1. I will not be smuggling the banned goods.
2. I will not be meeting and interviewing Afghan women.
3. I will not be taking photographs of living creatures.
4. I will not be waring cloths, which are immoral and
exposes my body.
5. I will not be playing musical instruments and ringing bell
6. I will not be eating the meat of those animals banned from
Islamic points of view such as pig .  I will not be drinking
alcohol, I will not be smoking hashish and will not be using
and selling other narcotic drugs.
7. I will not be distributing, selling and disseminating books,
magazines, cassettes and other cultural materials which
are against the policies of the IEA.
8. I will not be inviting Afghan nationals to other abolished
9. I will not be having sex with Afghan women.
10. I will be observing all the existing the rights of foreign
11. I will be fully respecting the religious, ideological,
national and cultural values of Afghan people and will not be
carrying out any activity, which is against the religious edicts
and national interest of this country.

Third.  If I commit the following things then the officials of
the ministry promotion Virtue and prevention of vice can
expel me within 48 hrs out the Afgahn boundaries through
the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1. Inviting people to Atheism.
2. Ignoring the moral and religious edicts.
3. Disrupting the security and causing general chaos if I am
suspected of spying.
4. If it is decided that I must not continue to stay within the
territory of Afghanistan on consultation grounds.

Fourth:  In case of any violation of the mentioned items
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) of this commitment Letter, the officials of
the Ministry of promotion of Virtue and prevention of vice
can take me into custody from 10 days upped 1 month.

Fifth:  In case of violation items (7,8, 10 and 11) of this
commitment Letter the officials of the ministry of promotion
of Virtue and prevention of vice can put me into prison from
3 upto 10 days and deport me within 48 hrs out of the
country through the regulations of the ministry of Foreign

Sixth:  If I commit adultery with Afghan on non-Afghan
women, any punishment which the Islamic Shariat order can
carried out on me.

Signature ……


commitment letter IEA Taleban