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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan negotiation team for Taleban talks

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This list has been published by the State Ministry for Peace on 26 March 2020. Originally, it included five women and 16 men (since then two members, including a woman, have been replaced, according to a source from the SMP speaking to AAN on 22 April, bringing down the number of women to four):

  • Masum Stanekzai, head of the delegation, a Pashtun from Logar and the former head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) (affiliated with Ghani)
  • Fatema Gailani (a woman), a daughter of former mujahedin leader, Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani and a former head of the Afghan Red Crescent Society 
  • Nader Naderi, the head of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (affiliated with Ghani)
  •  Abdul Matin Bek, an Uzbek, the head of IDLG and son of Abdul Mutaleb Bek, one of the influential jihadi commanders from the north-eastern province of Takhar (government and affiliated with Ghani)
  • Fawzia Kufi (a woman), a Tajik and former MP from Badakhshan (affiliated with Atmar)
  • Zarar Ahmad Moqbel, former minister of foreign affairs (affiliated with former President Karzai) 
  • Attaullah Ludin, a Pashtun, member of the Hezb-e Islami faction led by acting minister of finance Abdul Haid Arghandiwal and former HPC member (Ludin has replaced Arghandiwal of the same faction) 
  • Muhammad Rasul Taleb, Hazara from Ghazni and currently an advisor to Ghani (affiliated with Ghani and his VP Danesh) 
  • Habiba Sarabi (a woman), a Hazara from Ghazni and former provincial governor and member of the High Peace Council (affiliated with Ghani and his VP Danesh)
  • Ghairat Bahir, a Pashtun, a member of Hezb-e Islami and son-in-law of Hekmatyar 
  • Muhammad Hafiz Mansur, a Tajik and a member of Jamiat (affiliated with Abdullah)
  • Ghulam Faruq Majruh, a Tajik, MP from Herat and affiliated with former minister of water, Ismail Khan
  • Mawlawi Enayatullah Baligh, a Tajik and member of HPC (affiliated with Abdullah) 
  • Batur Dostum, an Uzbek, the eldest son of General Dostum, acting head of Jombesh-e Melli and an MP from Jawzjan 
  • Kalimullah Naqibi, a Pashtun and deputy head of Jamiat (affiliated with Abdullah)
  • Muhammad Nateqi, a Hazara from Bamyan and deputy leader of Hezb-e Wahdat-e Mardom led by Muhammad Mohaqeq (affiliated with Abdullah)
  • Ayub Ansari, a Pashtun, NDS (affiliated with Ghani)
  • Sayed Sa’adat Naderi, Ismaili, son of the Hezb-e Paiwand-e Melli leader, and former minister of urban development. He has replaced Shahla Farid (affiliated with Abdullah)
  • Sharifa Zurmati (woman), Pashtun, former MP (affiliated with Ghani)
  • Khaled Nur, the eldest son of former Balkh governor and chief of the executive of Jamiat, Atta Muhammad Nur, and a Tajik (affiliated with Ghani) 
  • Muhammad Amin Ahmadi, a Hazara from Khas Uruzgan, the chancellor of private Ibn-e Sina University. He wrote on his Facebook account on 26 March that “It is natural that each of the members of the delegation has been recommended by one political faction and, as far as I have learned, I have been recommended by Ustad [Karim] Khalili, the leader of Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami and the chairman of the High Peace Council as a non-party but, according to him, national individual.” 


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