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Official list of Afghanistan’s districts

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Before Afghanistan’s (delayed) 2018 parliamentary elections, the country’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) and the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) have published a joint, consolidated list of Afghanistan’s 387 districts. The number had been controversial that far and had led to different figures used by different sources. (Some sources, for example, add the capitals of the 33 provinces of the country [except of Kabul] to this list as they also constitute administrative units that are comparable to districts although not officially counted as such by the government. Kabul city itself and some other provincial centres consist of nahia [‘city districts] – for Kabul see more information here.) Both institutions handed this list (which also includes the number of seats allocated to the respective district councils) over to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) that has used it in preparing the 2018 elections.

The districts for four provinces, Daykundi, Nangrahar, Paktia and Uruzgan, are missing, though.

This list is pending a final decision by parliament, as there are some so-called ‘temporary’ districts that could boost the number. 

Find the list (in Dari only) here.