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Afghanistan Analyst Bibliography 2019

Christian Bleuer < 1 min

In April 2019, we published an important work, a bibliography of Afghanistan. It is intended to be an up-to-date resource for studying and researching contemporary Afghanistan, particularly the post-1979 period. The author, Christian Bleuer, began compiling this bibliography in 2004/05 when, as a graduate student, he became increasingly frustrated with trying to find sources. Initially, it was just for his own benefit. Later, he published the bibliography as a free online resource for other scholars, updating it regularly until 2012 when he became too busy. The bibliography published today represents a seven-year update, which AAN is proud to publish. 

You can preview it online and download it by clicking the link below or here.

You can also read the accompanying AAN dispatch here, a discussion with the author about the work of a bibliographer, his favourite research and more. 



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