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Transition to a New Political Order: AAN dossier takes stock of Afghanistan’s momentous Year

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It is almost a year since the departure of the last foreign forces from Afghanistan, the collapse of the Republic and its armed forces and the Taleban’s capture of power. It is almost a year, as well, that the Taleban have been ruling Afghanistan. AAN has reported on every step of the way, on the collapse itself, how the United States both underestimated and bolstered the Taleban, and how the Taleban defeated a Republic hollowed out by corruption and vain hopes. We have looked at the makeup of the new Taleban administration, at its morality police, and its clamping down on the rights and freedoms of women and girls, journalists and musicians and the wider population. We have traced Afghanistan’s calamitous economic collapse and the struggles of its people to feed their families, and how aid is being delivered. In this dossier published ahead of the second Emirate’s first year anniversary, we bring together our reports to tell the story of this momentous year for Afghanistan. Read more []

Afghan girls studying in a secret school at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of girls and young women have been shutout of education since the Taliban returned to power a year ago. The Taliban have imposed harsh restrictions on girls and women effectively squeezing them out of public life. Photo: Daniel LEAL/AFP, 25 July 2022.

Read dossier XXXI here.


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