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Filling the Power Ministries (2): (No) News Flash

Kate Clark < 1 min

In an attempt to keep informing our readers about the key issue of the expected cabinet reshuffle, we had to invent a new category today: the No News Flash. The reason: the parliament’s lower house postponed the decision to Saturday, for the time being, and busied itself with statistics instead. AAN Researcher Obaid Ali, Senior Analysts Kate Clark and Thomas Ruttig summarise briefly.

One day after they were denied access to the Wolesi Jirga, President Karzai’s four nominees for ministers of defence, interior, tribes and borders and the director of NDS – Bismillah Muhammadi, Ghulam Mujtaba Patang, Haji Azizullah Din Muhammad and Assadullah Khaled – presented themselves to a packed parliament today and were formerly introduced by Marshal Fahim, the second Vice President. He spoke for ten or so minutes on procedural matters, as did the minister for parliamentary affairs Humayun Aziz.
The candidates said nothing and the MPs asked them nothing. The four left, as did most of the MPs, leaving the session inquorate with 67 remaining. The vote of confidence has been re-scheduled for Saturday.

Pretending nothing unusual had happened yesterday, the MPs had started their day with discussing over the draft law about the statistics directorate (Central Statistics Office) and the so-called qatia report, the account for the fiscal year 1389 (2010/11).


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