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Thomas Ruttig < 1 min

The BBC has just been reporting that NATO has handed over the security responsibility for Bamian province to the Afghan government. It has bee a big secret – no one has told us in advance.

In what was a highly classified operation, NATO/ISAF has handed over the security responsibility for the Central Afghan province of Bamian to the Kabul government a few minutes ago.

Brussels and its Kabul branch have kept this important symbolic date secret, being not more specific than saying that transition would start in July. Over the last days, resident diplomats have indicated, in a smart example of diversionary tactics, that enteqal might start ‘in ten days time’.

According to the BBC, ‘[s]enior Afghan ministers and foreign ambassadors flew down from the capital, Kabul to take part in a transition ceremony that for security reasons was not announced in advance and was not broadcast’. Indeed, there seems to have been increased helicopter activity over our office.

Kabul city already had been handed over in 2008, without any ceremony. Bamian is probably the most peaceful of the seven enteqal areas.

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