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AAN Election Blog No. 8: The Best Election Posters (2)

Martine van Bijlert < 1 min

Today: Al-Haj Ustad Zakera Anwar – the power of Tide: The prize for the best location receives Ms Zakera Anwar, a Kabul provincial council candidate from Qala-ye Fathullah in the Afghan capital who calls herself an ‘independent’. She placed her poster in a grocery shop – next to a stack of washing powder.

The message probably is: I will make sure if elected that this corrupt country is put through an intensive washing programme.

We are not able to say much about Ms Anwar. Except that she is from the very neighborhood as we were told by passers-by who also said that she is a good woman. From her name we deduct that she made the pilgrimage to Mecca more than once (al-Haj) and that she apparently is a teacher or professor (ustad). Her election slogan is: ‘What you wish for tomorrow, you decide today’. Further below it reads: ‘Give your vote to someone who is your servant, beloved ones, who uses your strong and decisive votes to fight despotism and suppression and who implements the lofty goals of the sacred religion of Islam in the society.’
Her appeal, however, does not seem to reach far. 20 meters away at a street corner, her poster was already torn apart – as there are those of many women candidates. The more nasty disfigurement is scratching out the eyes on their posters…

(Photo: Thomas Ruttig)


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