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2010 Elections – No comment 2: Special Direction of the IEC Chairman to All IEC Staff

Martine van Bijlert 2 min

Special Direction of the Chairman of the IEC to all IEC Provincial Officers and Staff. Released 15 September 2010 by the IEC Chairman’s Office and sent out by the IEC Information and External Relations Department.

“We all know that election is a national process by conducting of which, people’s power is exercised in the system of the country and we facilitate this practice. We pave the way for people to make up their minds; we are doers of a democratic move. We indeed return people’s trust to them. Therefore, any kind of illegal tampering with their trust will be considered treason.

Better performance of what we have been assigned, is worship. We are responsible to Allah,people and history. People’s rights are the most fundamental rights which should be respected otherwise its master will take it from us. Prophet Muhammad PBUP says, “The worst people are those who ruin their afterlives for the world of others.” We should not be answerable in the afterlife for others who want to come to power.

Dear Colleagues!

Last year, elections got defamed. The IEC prestige was seriously damaged. The country and its system were disrespected. Public trust towards elections was severely affected. People’s interest to vote and elections was reduced. Bad experience of last year must not be repeated. Do not spare any effort to keep the people’s trust and respect of our country. Again pay attention! No polling center must be opened where its security is not ensured. Immediately report to the Commission any incidence prevention of which will not be in your power. I will do my best to defend your life and prestige as I am directly responsible for whatever happens. Your honor is my honor and any insult to you will be an insult to me.

Your honest work will be a credit to all of us and will be appreciated by us and people of Afghanistan and any negligence, sabotage and nonchalance will be strictly questioned. No one will be forgiven and offenders will be intensely treated and no one will have the right to complain at that time. Once again, I wish your success in holding elections from Allah Almighty. In the hope of your success!



Prof. Fazil Ahmad Manawi

Chairman of the IEC


Democratization Elections Government


Martine van Bijlert

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