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New Day, New Year: AAN wishes happiness and prosperity to all celebrating Nawruz

AAN Team < 1 min

The advent of spring and the arrival of Nawruz brings with it the promise of new beginnings – of life renewed, of resilience and good fortune. As Spring thaws the cold winter soil, it paints the hills and the valleys with its vibrant greens. It perfumes the air with blossoms and decorates the landscape with tulips and hyacinths. The chirping of birds and the nightingale’s delightful song remind us that the whole of creation has awakened to mark yet another passing of the seasons, the cycle of life and the concord of all that exists under the sun to nurture one another and coexist in harmony and joy.

Afghan children enjoy a ride on a pirate ship attraction in Kabul during Nawruz. Photo by Wakil Kohsar/AFP, 21 March 2023.

The Afghanistan Analysts Network wishes all its readers, friends and colleagues a happy new year. May 1403 be a healthy, prosperous, and blessed year for Afghanistan and Afghans everywhere. 

Spring has come and fortune will flourish
May a thousand flowers conquer all fields 
May the king of the new spring reign in the meadow 
For his throne is created in anticipation 

Qasida #85 by 10th century Persian poet Khaqani