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If you want to learn Pashto…

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Sean Mann, a research intern at our partner organisation TLO, has put together an online bibliography to Pashto learning materials. It includes textbooks, dictionaries, multimedia, radio, university courses, etc.

It is called ‘Pashto Language Resources’ and is hosted on Christian Bleuer’s ‘Afghanistan Analyst’ website – use this link.

You can start with the following sentence:

کاڼه شپانه د ړانده مږه غوښه ټوله څلور ځایه کړه

(KāNe shpāne de Rānde mega ghwaxha Tola tsalor dzāya kRa.)

It actually is a tongue twister and contains almost all letters of the pashto alphabet, except z, retroflexive d and the ‘Arabic’ consonants like zal etc. (If you find more, please contact us.) The CAPITAL letters in the transliteration stand for retroflexive consonants.


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