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Happy Nawruz! A blessed year 1394 to our readers – and a few poems for the occasion

AAN Team 2 min

Dear readers and friends, the AAN team wishes you a blessed, healthy and hopefully more peaceful Afghan year 1394. Should you be in Afghanistan (and allowed out), try and visit one of the many Nawruz fairs that are happening across the country (see a picture of a merry-go-round for children during a fair in Mazar-e Sharif in 2008 below). The Afghan government has announced that Nawruz would be celebrated for three days this year (adding another holiday – Farmer’s Day – on Sunday). Apart from the fairs, there will be, according to this Pajhwok article, “agricultural and industrial exhibitions, theatre shows, music concerts across Kabul besides other programmes in Qargha, Badam Bagh, Kart-e-Sakhi, Bagh Babur, Shah Shaheed Shrine, Bibi Mahro and Wazir Akbar Khan areas and the Kabul cricket stadium.” At the very least, buy yourself some pink tulips from the north, Afghanistan’s new year flowers, to enjoy along these Nawruz poems:

Pink tulips from the north - Afghanistan's new year flowers. Photo: Christine Roehrs

که یو ګل و ماته راکړې د خپل باغ// خدای د تا ترو تازه لري تر باغ

نور باغونه د نوروز به ورځ غوړېږي// پر اهاړ کړي غوړېده د کابل باغ

If you give me a flower from your garden

May God keep you fresher than the garden (flowers)

Other gardens blossom only during Nawruz

The gardens of Kabul blossom even in scorching heat

(Khushhal Khan Khatak)


سال و فال و مال و حال و اصل و نسل و تخت و بخت//بادت اندر شهریاری برقراروبر دوام

سال خرم فال نیکو مال وافر حال خوش//اصل ثابت نسل باقی تخت عالی بخت رام

May your year, your fortune, your origin, your generation,

your throne, your luck continue to flourish in your majestic kingdom.

May you be blessed with a merry year, divine omens, plenty of goods

and a happy mood, a noble origin, the continuation of your

generation, a high throne, and tamed fate


Merry-go-round for children in Mazar-e Sharif - 2008

Merry-go-round for children at a Nawruz fair in Mazar-e Sharif 2008. Photo: Thomas Ruttig


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