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Creating the ‘idea’ of a Country: AAN dossier looks at Afghanistan in World Literature

Fabrizio Foschini < 1 min

How do foreign literary works shape attitudes towards Afghanistan and Afghans? That is the subject of this dossier which brings together AAN reports from its ‘Afghanistan in World Literature’ series. Over the years, we have written many pieces on this subject, spurred not only by a passion for everything related to Afghanistan, but also by the need to unveil to readers and fellow researchers the prisms through which we too have been taught to view the country and relate to it. These occasional reports have looked at works of literature from the early nineteenth century onwards, written by Britons, Indians, Germans, French and Americans. This dossier expands the scope of these pieces with new, dedicated introductions, in the hope that as a whole they will remind our readers, and ourselves, that ‘new’ knowledge is never entirely new, and ‘old’ knowledge never entirely past. Read more []

Brochure of a 2010 exhibition at Babur Gardens in Kabul.


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Fabrizio Foschini

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