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AAN’s Eid al-Adha greetings – in a difficult time for Afghans

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سره له دي چي ډیری افغانان یو  غملړلی اختر لري او  په وروستیو کې يې د خونړیو پېښو له امله خپل  خپلوان او دوستان  یا له لاسه ورکړي او یا هم ټپیان شوي دي.د افغانستان د تحلیلګرانو شبکه هیله لري چي د لوی اختر په را رسیدو او د قربانیو او حاجیانو د دعاوو په   برکت په افغانستان کې یوه تلپاتې سوله راشي. لوی اختر دي ټولو افغانانو ته مبارک وي

Sari Shamali, north of Kabul city, a cow seller from Baghlan province has brought 20 cows to sell for Eid-e Qurban (Eid al-Adha). Photo: Obaid Ali/AAN (2019)


با درک این که حوادث خونین اخیر خانواده های زیادی را داغ دار کرده است و عید را برای شان غم انگیز، شبکه تحلیلگران افغانستان امیدوار است تا از برکت عید سعید اضحی و از فیض دعا و عبادات حجاج، روزهای عید صلح آمیز داشته باشید.

این ایام مبارک، آغازگر فصل صلح دایمی در کشور باشد.

عید قربان مبارک!

A sheep for Eid-e Qurban, cattle market near Kabul Kampani, in 2005. Photo: Thomas Ruttig


This year’s Eid al-Adha comes at a time of deadly attacks and bloodshed across Afghanistan. Afghan civilians continue to face horrendous violence from the different parties engaged in the conflict. Many have lost loved ones and many have been injured. Many have seen their houses and shops on fire and many have been displaced. Acknowledging that many people will be having a difficult Eid al-Adha this year, the Afghanistan Analysts Network wants to wish peaceful Eid days for all the people of Afghanistan, for all Muslims and for all our readers. We hope the parties to the conflict reach a sustainable peace agreement and a permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan soon.

Happy Eid!