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A Note from the (Soccer) Field

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Here a dispatch received and sent in by ONE OF OUR FRIENDS in Afghanistan. It seems that not only the Africa Cup of Nations (with the attack on the Togo team bus) is overshadowed by violence. The dispatch has been slightly edited.

For your information: In Kandahar province a football tournament has started on Friday 8 January. The tournament is between eight provinces of Afghanistan. Every day two matches are played in the Kandahar football stadium.

1) Kandahar
2) Kabul
3) Herat
4) Mazar (Balkh)
5) Nangarhar (Jalalabad)
6) Parwan
7) Baghlan
8) Khost (Paktia)

Yesterday, the first match was played between Nangarhar and Khost. The result was Nangarhar 3 goals, Khost 2 goals.

The second match was between Kandahar and Mazar. In the first half, both teams, Kandahar and Mazar, scored one goal each. In the second half of the match, there was some problem after ten minutes between Kandahar and Mazar players, with small arms fire. Two players were injured. An ambulance took them to hospital. The remainder of the match has been postponed.


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