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Wie Russland sich den Taliban annähert

Deutsche Welle, 4 June 2024 In this article (of which there is a German and a Russian-language version) looking at Russia’s announcement that it is reviewing its listing of the Taleban as a terrorist group, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted on Moscow’s interests in this matter: Die Annäherung an die Taliban sei Ausdruck der außenpolitischen […]

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Russland und China: Annäherung an die Taliban

Tageszeitung, 30 May 2024 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig writes in the German daily about Moscow’s announcement that its Foreign and Justice ministries have suggested to President Putin that he could take the Taleban from Russia’s list of banned terrorist organisations as it did not constitute an ‘enemy’ anymore (in German). He also looks briefly at the […]

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Helmand peace marchers in front of the Russian embassy. Photo: People's Peace Movement/2018

A Troika of Four: Looking back at the March 2021 Afghanistan meeting in Moscow

Thomas Ruttig

The ‘extended troika’ meeting in Moscow on 18 March did not spark a significant new impulse in the search for peace in Afghanistan. Instead, it followed a well-known pattern. Foreign powers offered platitudes about an ‘Afghan-led, Afghan-owned’ peace process, again, while they insist on setting the timeline themselves and handpick those who are to be […]

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