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When did Afghan Cinema Begin? A History of Kabul’s Filmic Pasts

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Ajam Media Collective, 12 July 2020

Author Chihab El Khachab at the University of Oxford has been digging deeper and deeper: On 27 August 1970, The Kabul Times announced that the “First Afghan Film Feature Premiered in Kabul Nandarey”, called Rozgārān. But the history of Afghanistan’s own film production goes further back, as this article shows. There were earlier co-productions with local companies in the 1970s, including the historical epic Rabe‘a Balkhi (1974) and the psychological drama Mojassama-hā mikhandand (The Statues are Laughing, 1976). Six mor years earlier, in 1964, the then Ministry of the Press and the Fine Arts Institute cooperated in shooting Mānand-e ‘Oqāb (Like an Eagle), a 79-minute-long tale with an experimental flavour, shot mostly in Afghanistan by an Afghan crew. And in 1946, there was Ishq wa Dusti (Love and Friendship), a 43-minute-long musical drama, shot in studios in Lahore but written by Rashid Latifi, a pioneer of Afghan theatre and a political activist in the Wesh Zalmian movement.

In this article you can watch the movies mentioned, in part or fully.